Františkovy Lázně

The life in Imperial- and Classicist style town of Frantiskovy Lazne, surrounded and interlaid with both parks and orchards, flows calm and quietly there. The stay in local spa has a special kind of calming magic to it, no matter whether it is the Spring in full blossom, the Summer warm with sunshine, Autumn with its beautiful colors or Winter with gentle shades of white.

The parks here have been found since 1972, which was quite an essential condition for the little spa-town's existence. Therefore the gardener Martin Soukup from Schönbrunn in Vienna, who has originally been the princely gardener of Lobkovic, was summoned to Frantiskovy Lazne.

Later on Martins son Antonin took over fathers work and he's rebuild the original French gardens with trim bushes into more comfortable English-style parks. Rhododendrons, which are being grown here since 1828, create romantic and colorful coves as they grow together among the high trees throughout the park. Drinking cures together with walks through the park-areas gave base to the tradition of so called bath-promenades.

Even in the presence they shouldn't be forgotten. 250 hectares of orchards and forest-parks perfectly suits those, who seek active rest, so as to those who wish to just relax in solitude. The stay at a spa-resort has its own unique rules, rhythm, atmosphere and even a flavor. It's exquisite, charming and sometimes it may be even a little profligate.

The statue of a small boy with a fish (carp) is the symbol of Frantiskovy Lazne. Originally a park-sculpture, made by Adolf Mayer from Frantiskovy Lazne in 1924, was moved over to the concourse in front of the Culture house after the WW II. The Lady-patients always liked to be photographed with it, so as they still do. Present days the original statue is exposed at the Town Museum, and in front of the Culture house stands its just as much popular duplicate. Both are being admired - but you, my Ladies, never forget about the original masterpiece and let me kindly invite you to visit the Town Museum.